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U.M. Acharya
Institute visited: Keio University, Tokyo Year: 1992-93 ; Specialisation: Japanese Language ; Fellowship: Awarding Organization : ; Present Official Address: - Flt No. 12, Plot No.22, S.No. 28/2,29/1A Behind Anand Nagar Post Office Anand Nagar Sinhgad Road Pune 411 051 India ; Email: -

Umesh (Dr.) Joshi
Institute visited: Chiba University, Dept. of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba Chiba Year: 1987-89 ; Specialisation: Synthetic Organic Chemistry ; Fellowship: Mombusho ; Present Official Address: Managing Director Auro Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, 2007, Sadashiv Peth Tilak Road Pune 411030 India ; Email:

Umesh Chandra (Mr.) Varma
Institute visited: Kyoto University Kyoto Year: 1964-67 ; Specialisation: Printing (Fine Arts) ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: Artist, Artistis Village L.K.A. Artists Studio, Garhi East of Kailash - New Delhi 110065 India ; Email: -

Unita Sachidanand
Institute visited: Nara Women's University - Year: 1990-92 ; Specialisation: Japanese Modern Literature and Gender Studies ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: Associate Professor Department of Chinese and Japanese Studies University of Delhi - Delhi 110007 India ; Email:

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