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M. (Dr.) Zahid
Institute visited: Osaka Univeristy of Foreign Studies, Osaka City University Osaka Year: 1967-70 ; Specialisation: Theoretical Nuclear Physics ; Fellowship: Mombusho ; Present Official Address: Retired Professor Dept. of Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia Jamia Nagar - New Delhi 110025 India ; Email:

M. Sheikh Mohamed
Institute visited: Bio-Nano Electronic Research Center Toyo University Saitama Year: 2013 ; Specialisation: Bio-Nano Science Fusion ; Fellowship: Monbukagakusho (MEXT) ; Present Official Address: Post Doctoral Researcher Bio-Nano Electronic Research Centre 2100, Kujirai Kawagoe N Saitama 3508585 Japan ; Email:,

M.V Lakshmi
Institute visited: Hiroshima University, Yamaguchi University Hiroshima Year: 2001-2002, 2006-2006, 2009-2009 ; Specialisation: Japanese Literature (Modern Japanese Literature) ; Fellowship: Mombukagakusho, Japan Foundaton (Urawa) ; Present Official Address: Assistant Professor CJKNEAS, School of Language Literature & Culture Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi 110067 India ; Email:

Madan Mohan (Prof.) Bajaj
Institute visited: Osaka University of Foreign Studies & Tohoku University, Sendai Sendai Year: 1974-77 ; Specialisation: Neuro-Physics, Bisology, Bisophysics & Seismology, Tsunami ; Fellowship: Mombusho Scholarship ; Present Official Address: Retd.: Prof. of Physics, Univesity of Delhi Director General International Scientific Research & Welfare Organisati A-122, Vikaspuri New Delhi 110018 India ; Email:

Madhura Sanjay Joshi
Institute visited: Kyushu University Fukuoka Year: 2011-2012 ; Specialisation: Japanese Language ; Fellowship: MOMBUKAGAKUSHO ; Present Official Address: Tilak Maharashtra University N N N Pune N India ; Email:

Mahavir Sahni
Institute visited: Daito Bunka University, Saitana Japan Year: 2000-2001 ; Specialisation: Technical Translation ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: E-46, Ashok Vihar Phase-I - - Delhi 110052 India ; Email:

Mahesh G Sahare
Institute visited: Graduate School of Agriculture Kyoto Year: 2010 ; Specialisation: Reproductive Biology ; Fellowship: Monbukagakusho (MEXT) ; Present Official Address: Plot No.11 Surveyor Colony New Grurudwara Road Tukum Chandrapura, Maharashtra 444202 India ; Email:

Manasi Shirgurkar
Institute visited: Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo Tokyo Year: 2003-2004 ; Specialisation: Japanese Language & Education ; Fellowship: Japan Foundation & GRIPS ; Present Official Address: Assistant Professor Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth 1242, Sadashiv Peth Pune 411030 India ; Email:,

Manavjeet Chimni
Institute visited: Okska University of Foriegn Studies Minoh Campus Osaka Year: 2006-2008 ; Specialisation: Botany ; Fellowship: MEXT Scholarship (Teacher Training Programme) ; Present Official Address: Good Shepherd Public School Sector-8 Jawahar Nagar N Sri Ganga Nagar (Rajasthan) 335001 India ; Email:

Manik Kamat
Institute visited: Tenri University Nara Year: 1987-1989 ; Specialisation: Teaching Japanese Language ; Fellowship: Indo-Tenrikyo Mission ; Present Official Address: H-4, Kalpita Enclave Saharrd, Andheri East N N Mumbai 400069 India ; Email: -

Manju Jain
Institute visited: The Matsushita Institute of Government and Management Chigasaki, Kanagawa Year: 1989-90 ; Specialisation: 21st Century-Asian Centry, Status and position of Women in the Society ; Fellowship: ; Present Official Address: President Greater India Tour & Travels Service Pvt. Ltd. A-205, 2nd Floor, RG Complex Motia Khan, Pahar Ganj New Delhi 110055 India ; Email:,

Manjushree (Dr.) Chauhan
Institute visited: Kokugakuin Daigaku Tokyo, Japan Foundation, Junior Research Fellowship Tokyo Year: 1986-87 ; Specialisation: Japanese Literature and Folklore Studies ; Fellowship: ; Present Official Address: Professor CJNEAS, School of Languages JNU New Delhi 110 067 India ; Email:

Manoj Rinku Das
Institute visited: Kyoto University of Education Kyoto Year: 2011-13 ; Specialisation: Environmental Education, Social Studies ; Fellowship: MEXT Scholarship (Teacher Training Programme) ; Present Official Address: Teacher Good Shephered Public School Sector-8 Jawahar Nagar Sir Ganga Nagar (Rajasthan) 335001 India ; Email:,

Meenu Kapoor
Institute visited: Nagoya University Nagoya Year: 1992-2004 ; Specialisation: Plant Biotechnology ; Fellowship: N ; Present Official Address: University School of Biotechnology GGS Indraprastha University Dwarka Sector 16-C N New Delhi 110078 India ; Email:

Mir Waqas Alam
Institute visited: University of Toyama Toyama Year: 2013 ; Specialisation: Nano and Functional Material Science ; Fellowship: Monbukagakusho (MEXT) ; Present Official Address: Department of Chemistry and Adv. Material Western Kentucky University Bowling Green N Kentucky USA 42101 USA ; Email:

Miss Ira Sharma
Institute visited: Osaka University of Foreign Studies Osaka University Year: 2000-2001 ; Specialisation: Japanese Language ; Fellowship: Junior Mombusho Scholarship- Oct-2000 to Sept.-2001 ; Present Official Address: - - - - - - India ; Email:

Monica Khanna
Institute visited: Okayama University Okayama Year: 1999-2000 ; Specialisation: - - - - - ; Fellowship: - - - - - ; Present Official Address: Embassy of Japan 50-G Shantipath Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021, India ; Email:

Mudhumita (Dr.) Bhattacharya
Institute visited: Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo Year: 1996-98 ; Specialisation: Educational Technology ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: President & CEO Global Association for Educational Technology Research & Development British Columbia Univesity of Victoria Canada ; Email:

Mukesh Kumar (Dr.) Williams
Institute visited: Soka University Tokyo Year: 1994-96 ; Specialisation: American and Japanese Fiction, Japanese Eduction ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: Retd: Professor Department of English St. Stephens College University of Delhi Delhi 110007, India ; Email: -

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