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P. (Dr.) Nirupama
Institute visited: Department of Civil Engineering Japan Japan Year: 1992-1996 ; Specialisation: Remote Sensing and Surface Water Hydrology ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: Postdoctoral Fellow Civil & Environmental Engineering Univeristy of Western Ontario - Ontario N6A589 Canada ; Email:

P.A. (Dr.) George
Institute visited: Waseda University Tokyo Tokyo Year: 1987-89 ; Specialisation: Japanese Literature, Interpretation and Translation ; Fellowship: Mombusho Shogakkin ; Present Official Address: Professor CJNEAS School of Languages J.N.U. New Delhi 110067 India ; Email:

P.J. (Dr.) Babu
Institute visited: Hokkaido University, - Year: 1990-1993 ; Specialisation: Orthodontics ; Fellowship: Awarding Organization : ; Present Official Address: Consultant, Orthodontic Ortho-Dental Clinic, Perijanam Trichur Kerala - 680686 India ; Email:

P.K. (Dr.) Singh
Institute visited: Kobe University Kobe Year: 1990-94 ; Specialisation: Acoustics ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: 47, Surja Apartments, D-Block, Phase 1, Vikaspuri - New Delhi 110018 India ; Email: -

P.K. Kumar (Dr.) Ashwini
Institute visited: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Year: 1982-1983 ; Specialisation: Thin Films, Vacuum, Low Temperature, Electronic Materials, IPR management, MBA(Marketing) ; Fellowship: Awarding Organization : ; Present Official Address: Head IPR Management Group 46-B, NPL Dr. K S Krishnana Marg New Delhi 110012 India ; Email:

P.R. (Dr.) Kumar
Institute visited: Tohoku University Sendai Year: 1975-77 ; Specialisation: Genetics & Plant Breeding ; Fellowship: Mombusho ; Present Official Address: Ex-Director National Research Centre for Rapseed-Mustard Sewar Rajasthan Bharatpur 321303 India ; Email:

P.R. Kanade
Institute visited: Hokkaido University - Year: 1974-76 ; Specialisation: Electronics, Computers ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: Managing Director Priya Electronics 997/17, Navi Peth - Pune 411030 India ; Email:

P.S. (Dr.) Dhar
Institute visited: Nagoya University Nagoya Year: 1983-84 ; Specialisation: Chemistry and Computers ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: - - - - - - - ; Email: -

Padakannaya. (Dr.) Prakash
Institute visited: Institute of Psychology, Tsukuba University, Tsukuba-Shi, Ibaraki 305 Tsukuba-Shi Year: 1991-93, 1999 ; Specialisation: Dyslexia, Learning Disability,Reading and writing in different scripts, Cognition ; Fellowship: Mombusho & AIEJ ; Present Official Address: Retd: Professor, Department of Psychology University of Mysore Manasa Gangotri - Mysore 570006 India ; Email:

Pankaj Singla
Institute visited: Kyushu University Kyushu Year: 2010-2011 ; Specialisation: Foreign Investment Corporate & Business Laws, International Trade ; Fellowship: Mext Research Scholarship ; Present Official Address: C-23 A Sector-14 N N Noida 20301 India ; Email:

Paritosh Gupta
Institute visited: Hokkaido Univ. Sapporo Year: 1996-1998 ; Specialisation: Finance & Infrastructure Development ; Fellowship: Mombusho ; Present Official Address: PDCOR Limited First Floor, LIC Jeevan Nidhi Building Near Ambedkar Circle Bhawani Singh Road Jaipur 302005 India ; Email:

Partha Sarathi Das
Institute visited: University of Tokyo, Indian Embassy, Science Attache Kyoto Year: 1966-69, 1984-88, 2000 ; Specialisation: Ship Technology, Standardization and Quality Assurance ; Fellowship: Mombusho Scholarship ; Present Official Address: Ex. Director General & Former, Science Counsellor Embassy of India, Tokyo Bureau of Indian Standards Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg New Delhi India ; Email:

Pathik Kumbhakar
Institute visited: Tokyo University Tokyo Year: 2002-2004 ; Specialisation: Nonlinear Optics ; Fellowship: Monbusho ; Present Official Address: Dept. of Physics National Institute of Technology, Durgapur N West Bangal 713209 India ; Email:

Paul David Samuel
Institute visited: University of Electro Communication Chofu, Tokyo Year: 2008-2010 ; Specialisation: Physics & Material Science ; Fellowship: Mext Scholarship ; Present Official Address: Research Scholar Crystal Growth Centre Anna University N Chennai 600025 India ; Email:

Prashant Pardeshi
Institute visited: Osaka University of Foreign Studeis Osaka Year: 1987-88 ; Specialisation: Japanese Language ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: Student 144/45 Kasba Peth - - Pune 411011 India ; Email: -

Praveen Dogra
Institute visited: Osaka Nihongo Kyoiku Centre Osaka Year: 2001-2004 ; Specialisation: Japanese Language, Hotel Management ; Fellowship: - ; Present Official Address: B-2/19 Japank Puri N New Delhi 110058 India ; Email:

Prem Motwani
Institute visited: Osaka University of Foreign Studies and Tokyo University - Year: 1981-82 ; Specialisation: Japanese Language and Literature ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: Professor CJNEAS, School of Languages JNU - New Delhi 110067 India ; Email: -

Priyanka Priydershini
Institute visited: Kyushu University Fukuoka Year: 2011-2012 ; Specialisation: International Economics & Business Law ; Fellowship: MOMBUKAGAKUSHO ; Present Official Address: Lecturer & PhD Researcher Tilburg University International Business Law Department N Tilburg N Netherlands ; Email:,

Priyasheel N
Institute visited: University of Tokyo Tokyo Year: 2010-2013 ; Specialisation: Quantum Optics ; Fellowship: Monbukagakusho (MEXT) ; Present Official Address: ; Email:

Puneet (Dr.) Mahajan
Institute visited: National Research Institute for Metals Tokyo Year: 1991-92 ; Specialisation: Mechanical Engg. ; Fellowship: Awarding Organizaton : ; Present Official Address: Assoc. Professor Applied Mechanics IIT - New Delhi 110016 India ; Email:

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