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Jun 29, 2018

Admission & Scholarships in Japanese Universities (EJU)

Application period  02/7/2018 to 27/07/2018
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This world wide Examination is known as EJU, Entrance to Japanese Universities.

EJU is conducted by Japan Students Service Organization (JASSO), Tokyo , an agency recognized by the Government of Japan and the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi.

Those who qualify become eligible to apply for admission to Japanese Universities( for under graduate or post graduate school/Colleges)and Junior colleges and Special training colleges ( for technical courses).

Those who do not know of Japanese Language can also take the EJU Examination

Although most Universities in Japan teach through Japanese medium, there are a number of Universities that offer courses through English medium .

Those getting Top Rank Score in the examination can also get selected for a scholarship
(about Yen. 48,000 per month)

The Examination Structure:

The one-day Examination has three papers.

Paper No 1 (optional): Japanese as a Foreign language: This is for those who have studied Japanese Language

Paper No 2-1:Science

Paper No 2-2:Japan and the World

Paper No 3: Mathematics

You can appear only in two namely 2-1 and 3
or 2-2 and 3 either in English or in Japanese

Test evaluates knowledge of the selected subjects at the Higher Secondary level

Eligibility: Minimum educational qualification to appear for the test is Class XI,

Eligible Students who wish to study at any of the above mentioned type of institution in Japan are invited to take the test.

Date of Examination:
11th November  2018 (Sunday)

Venue: New Delhi

Application period: 02/07/2018 to 27/07/2018


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