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Course Content & Teaching Method


Course Content:

1. Conversational Japanese:

The Course aims at imparting language ability useful for candidates who wish to acquire basic conversation skill for gainful engagement in industrial and commercial enterprises,educational,cultural and other such work places dealing with Japan.For those who wish to take up extended Japanese Language Study programmes,this 45 - hour course serves as a sounding board to assess one’s aptitude and ability to subsequently pursue 1-3 years of intensive Japanese language course.

a) Hiragana and Katakana (basic scripts)
b) Useful daily conversation
c) Topics on daily life of average Japanese

2. Basic Japanese:

For those who have not studied Japanese,basic sentence patterns and conversational expressions are introduced through much pattern practices and interactive activities.The completion of this course enables the student to communicate with the Japanese by answering simple questions and asking questions.The student is enabled to read and write small paragraphs,converse in a daily situation.This course will enable the students to appear for N- 4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

3. Intermediate Japanese:

For those who have completed our Basic course or an equivalent course of any institute,intermediate–level sentence patterns,conversational expressions are introduced.The completion of this course enables the Student to speak, understand, read and write about personal experiences or opinions.He can make request, complaints and apologize fluently.This course will enable the students to appear for N-3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

4.  Advance Japanese:

For those who have completed our Intermediate course or an equivalent course, advance-level sentence patterns, conversational expressions are introduced.Upon completion of this course the student can carry out a smooth conversation with the Japanese and discuss different topics and write or translate business related documents.This course will enable the students to appear for N- 2 of the Japanese language Proficiency Test.

Teaching Method:

There are two components for the courses namely proficiency class and interaction class.

Lectures: Group interaction oriented

Exposure sessions: Conversation practice with native Japanese

Tasks/ Assignments: Homework

Self-learning: (through given material)

Course material:

Institute Printed material

Semester System:

All the courses except conversation & other short-term courses are of one-year duration with two semesters.  Mid term admissions are also announced from time to time:

Semester 1 : January - June,   July-December

Semester 2 : July – December, January- June


Weekly test & course-end examination Evaluation procedure


Proficiency (5 %) Interaction (5 %) : 10 %

(including homework, class and visitors performance)

Attendance: Proficiency (10 %)Interaction(10 %) 20%

(including visitors session attendance.)


Written test (50 %) Oral interview test(20 %) : 70 %
Performance : 30%
Total : 100 %

FINAL RESULTS are presented by averaging the following two scores:

FINAL EXAMINATION (compulsory) and the BETTER SCORE of the semester examinations.

Only students who secure 60 % or more marks are awarded certificates.


Certificates signed by President MOSAI and Director of Japan Information Centre(Embassy of Japan) New Delhi are distributed at a graduation ceremony.  As a tradition the Ambassador of Japan is the chief guest at the ceremony.

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